The LHSWA would not be possible without the help of those who care about Louisiana high school wrestling and who have researched or kept records pertaining to the sport..  This includes, wrestlers, coaches, officials, family members and fans.  Below is a list, albeit incomplete and in no particular order, of those who have helped make this Website possible:

First, Ouida and (the late) William Rellstab for the initial financial backing to start the process.  And, in no order whatsoever...

Bill Bofinger Judy Collins Sam Harnsongkram Coach Byron and Elaine Guidroz Dean Tessitore John Tademy John Kendrick Lee Abbot
Keith Bergeron Craig Seals Trent Murchison Al Trevino Craig Ketelsen Ross & Sandra Levee Caleb Levee Elijah Levee
Rusty Stutes Robbie Dauterive Beau McInnis Michael Marson Danny Navar Rod Cusachs Jason Lachaica John Tademy
Cliff Strider Matt Pinero Jack Carr Phil Bode Jack Duffard Joshua Kotter Chris Oakley Kevin White
Jean-Paul Duhon Jimmy Bible Ed Kavanaugh Tommy Prochaska James Epp Jim Kytle Louis Marionneaux Rhett Ernst
Kim Panepinto Dominic Lorino Brian Collins Stan Kottemann Barrett Murphy John d'Aquin Rick Zimmer Justin Rayes
Ken Trahan Richard Tucker Rodney Sutherland Pat Mahoney Roberto Furtado James Ballantyne John Fogarty Donny Burton
Colothdian Tate East Jefferson Librarians John Curtis Librarians St. Martin's Librarians Tim Roberts Steve Rando Nellie Quiroz Diaz Graham Karwath
Todd Guidry              

[Eye geste tipe.]