The Brother Melchior Society

"Every day, when you diligently choose to do what is right and good instead of what may be convenient, easy or advantageous, you have the right to wear the insignia of a Melchior man." (Buck Landry - Holy Cross Class of 1961)

The Brother Melchior Society was founded in 1997 to honor Brother Melchior Polowy, a member of the Holy Cross High School family for over 50 years, and one of the principle founders of high school wrestling in Louisiana.

In addition to honoring Brother Melchior, The Brother Melchior Society also wants to pay homage to those coaches and wrestlers who followed Brother Melchior's principles to build Louisiana wrestling into the successful sport it is today


Mission Statement*

The mission of The Brother Melchior Society is one of personal commitment to the continuation of the philosophy, ideas and ideals of Brother Melchior.

This commitment is for the benefit of all men, but especially for youth.  This goal will be pursued through the establishment of a system of awards and rewards directed toward enhancement of ethical performance.  Emphasis will be focused around the continuation of a dignified character building approach to the sport of wrestling.

Most important in the motto shall be the continuation of dedication, self-discipline, team brotherhood, loyalty and humility.  The effect of this endeavor will benefit all who participate with rewards being experienced and achieved by those who most closely exemplify these ideals.  Through our personal commitment his humble legacy shall endure.

*Patrick Roberts (HC - '58) and Tom Crais (HC - '61)