Wrestling at Lee High School is a privilege that only a few can endure. The intense training takes its toll on the less than enthusiastic, but those who continue in the program are usually rewarded with top place finishes. Wrestling is not for the weekend sports junkie. Wrestlers train 5 days a week for 3 1/2 hours a day (one hour of endurance training and 2 1/2 hours of technical training). Then on Saturdays they compete at tournaments to use what they’ve learned. They only have one day to rest their muscles. They lift weights, attend camps and run during the summer to be sure they are not left behind.

Most wrestlers keep their weight down so they’ll be the strongest in their weight class. This involves sacrifice and dedication (unless you follow Temps diet plan). It’s not easy to say to say no to holiday dinners, but they know they have to wrestle the day after Thanksgiving and during the Christmas holidays. Only the strong survive. Those who stick with the program have pushed themselves, sacrificed, endured and most of all, are WINNERS! Wrestlers know their limits, they know what they can accomplish and they know how to discipline themselves to achieve. Wrestlers coming out of Lee High are achievers. Wrestlers from the early years have produced lawyers, doctors, dentists, CEO’s, accountants, script writers and a pilot for the President of the United States.