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1976-77 Season

Jesuit 34 - East Jefferson 27 DLS "Big 8" Announcement* Tiger Invitational Results Jesuit goes to Lee High Invitational** District 11-AAAA Results** GNO City Results
December 5th, 1976  December 11th, 1976 January 16th, 1977 January 29th, 1977 January 31st, 1977 February 6th, 1977

* No results found.

** Odds are against Jesuit having wrestled at both the Lee High Invitational and the District 11-AAAA tournaments on the same day.  Jesuit won both tournaments that year.  Lee High Invitational records indicate their starters were at the Lee High Invitational but do not include the date of the Lee High tournament.  It is likely one of these tournaments was held on the weekend of January 22nd.

State Prelim. State Results
February 11th, 1977 February 13th, 1977

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