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1981-82 Season

King 66-East St. John 6 Brother Martin Inv. Results Cashio Favorites Cashio Results St. Martin's 24-Newman 0 DLS "Big 8" Announcement
November 15th, 1981 November 16th, 1981 November 21st, 1981 November 23rd, 1981 December 2nd, 1981 December 4th, 1981
Cashio Correction DLS "Big 8" Results Brother Martin 31-Jesuit 24 Brother Martin 41-Rummel 15 Jeanertette 37-Northside 36 Brother Martin 54-De la Salle 5

(No additional information was provided.)
December 5th, 1981 December 6th, 1981 December 10th, 1981 December 10th, 1981 December 10th, 1981 December 13th, 1981

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Tiger Inv. Announcement Redemptorist Wins Tiger Inv. Tiger Finals Oregon Girls West Virginia Girls
December 18th, 1981 December 20th, 1981 December 20th, 1981 December 21st, 1981 December 27th, 1981
Jesuit 32-Brother Martin 23 Trygg Tournament Finals Jesuit Win Lee Lee High Inv. Finals
January 7th, 1982 January 10th, 1982 January 11th, 1982 January 12th, 1982

District 11-AAAA Championsho[

District 11-AAAA Announcement Jesuit Wins District 11-AAAA District 11-AAAA Finals
January 23rd, 1982 January 24th, 1982 January 24th, 1982

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Greater New Orleans Championship

GNO Announcement Randazzo-Furtado Photo Brother Martin Wins GNO GNO Finals
January 29th, 1982 January 29th, 1982 January 31st, 1982 January 31st, 1982

Region I Qualifying

Brother Martin Favored Brother Martin Wins Region I Qualifiers
February 5th, 1982 February 7th, 1982 February 7th, 1982

State Championship

State Announcement Brother Martin Wins Division I & II Finals Steve Gibbons Photo Steve Gibbons Article
February 12th, 1982 February 14th, 1982 February 14th, 1982 February 14th, 1982 February 14th, 1982


1st Old-Tomer's Tournament Results,
held at Acadiana High School
April 2nd, 1982

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