2013-14 Results and Media Coverage

December 27th-28th, 2013

December 27th December 28th

December 27th - Pools Matches - A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H

Friday Pool Results in PDF

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H

Friday Pool Match Results *

December 27th, 2013²
Airline 30-Shaw 28 Airline 54-Ocean Springs 18 Brother Martin 45-Airline 29 Brother Martin 49 St. Thomas 24
Brother Martin 61-Teurlings 15 Brother Martin 66-Sam Houston 6 Brusly 52-Airline 14 Brusly 54-Shaw 17
Brusly 64-Ocean Springs 6 Catholic 35-Wrightstown 33 Catholic 57-Brother Martin-B 21 Central Phoenix 75-Teurlings Catholic-B 6
Catholic 63-St. Thomas 12 Central Phoenix 39-Live Oak 36 Central Phoenix 42-Teurlings Catholic 33 Jesuit-B 40-Sulphur 30
Gilmer County 63-Dutchtown 6 Jefferson 50-Catholic 16 Jesuit 38-South Walton 24 Lafayette 42-Zachary 39
Lafayette 45-Jesuit-B 32 Live Oak 44-Teurlings Catholic 30 Live Oak 48-Jesuit-B 30 Live Oak 48-Lafayette 36
North Forsythe 51-Live Oak 27 North Forsythe 52-Lafayette 21 Ocean Springs 42-Jesuit 40 Platte County 58-Comeaux 12
Roswell 33-Brusly 30 Roswell 46-Airline 27 Roswell 61-Shaw 18 Rummel 56-Comeaux 17
Shaw 37-Ocean Springs 36 Shaw 42-St. Thomas 36 Shaw 45-Zachary 25 Wrightstown 75-Brother Martin 6

*    Does not include matches between non-Louisiana teams

Saturday Tournament Brackets in PDF

The top two teams in each pool advance to the Championship Bracket.  In a 16 team bracket the first and second place winners of each pool are paired up as a match.  That match is not wrestled as the first place team already defeated the second place team in Friday's pools.  Hence the first place team advances to the championship side and the second place team advances on the consolation side.  As teams are eliminated on the championship side, they are placed in their proper spots on the consolation side according to when they were eliminated from the championship side.

Third place pool finishers wrestled in an eight team bracket.  Fourth place pool finishers wrestled in an eight team bracket.  Fifth place pool finishers wrestled in an eight team bracket

Championship Brackets 1st-8th 9th-12th 13th-16th
Non-Championship Brackets 3rd Place Finishers 4th Place Finishers 5th Place Finishers

Saturday Tournament Matches

December 28th, 2013²
Brother Martin 30-Jefferson 29 (1st-2nd) Gilmer 48-Platte County-24** (3rd-4th) Jesuit 44-North Forsythe 27 (5th-6th) Wrightstown 33-Catholic 25 (7th-8th)
Auburn 39-Roswell 36** (9th-10th) Brusly 36-Rummel 30 (11th-12th) Clear Falls 46-Central Phoenix 21** (13th-14th) Live Oak 44-Teurlings Catholic 30 (15th-16th)
Brother Martin 35-Jesuit 21 Jefferson 41-North Forsythe 18** Brother Martin 60-Roswell 12 Jesuit 38-Gilmer County 25**
Brusly 45-Teurlings 24 Auburn 50-Clear Falls 27** Rummel 45-Live Oak 27 Wrightstown 42-Central Phoenix 25**
Catholic 40-Brusly 19 Platte County 36-Auburn 30** Gilmer County 48-Rummel 21** Wrightstown 59-Roswell 18**
Platte County 30-Catholic 29 Gilmer County 40-Wrightstown 31** Platte County 42-Jesuit 34** Gilmer County 38-North Forsythe 29**
Gilmer County 48-Platte County 24** Jesuit 44-North Forsyth 27 Baton Rouge 42-South Walton 10 Jesuit 54-Baton Rouge 24
Central Phoenix 59-St. Amant 18 East Ascension 51-Dutchtown 24 Jefferson 71-St. Pauls 9 Rummel 36-Roswell 30
East Ascension 40-Ft. Walton Beach 22 Jefferson 69-St. Amant 9 Platte County 32-Rummel 27 St. Amant 47-Lafayette 30
Houston Westside 60-Baton Rouge 15 Shaw 35-St. Amant 33 St. Pauls 46-El Paso El Dorado 36 Teurlings 69-Baton Rouge 6
Jesuit 58-East Ascension 13 Rummel 63-South Walton 16 St. Pauls 40-St. Amant 36 Clear Falls 57-East Ascension 19
Rummel 57-Zachary 15 St. Amant 66-Teurlings 9 Sulphur 42-Baton Rouge 40 East Ascension 54-Hahnville 28
St. Amant 48-Hahnville 35 St. Pauls 72-Teurlings 3 Airline 31-East Ascension 27 Ft. Walton Beach 36-Baton Rouge 27
St. Pauls 52-Brother Martin 21 Brother Martin 77-Baton Rouge 6 Central Phoenix 51-St. Pauls 30 Zachary 42-St. Thomas 39
Brother Martin 42-East Ascension 38 Comeaux 44-St. Pauls 24 Dutchtown 42-St. Pauls 42 St. Thomas 51-Sam Houston 24

**    Results not on Louisiana's TrackWrestling Results

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